About the film:
This is the blog for the film (HKtv + Umbrella) Revolution ( 香港電視 + 雨傘 ) 革命 (Facebook page). The posts here will allow for more expressive and richer media posts (including better web links, pictures, and video links).

About the director:
Kempton Lam is an independent filmmaker and director of (HKtv + Umbrella) Revolution ( 香港電視 + 雨傘 ) 革命. Kempton tries to make films that he thinks will be interesting and hopefully insightful to watch. In 2004, without receiving any funding or approval, Kempton started shooting his directorial debut documentary Long Hair Revolution (長毛革命), a film featuring Legislative Council member Hon Leung Kwok Hung 梁國雄議員. In hindsight, Kempton seized that particular moment in time/history and found a story worth telling. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, Kempton is proud to say Long Hair Revolution (長毛革命) was screened at Calgary International Film Festival in 2005. And in 2009, it was added to Canadian federal government’s “Library and Archives Canada” permanent collection in Ottawa. Long Hair Revolution (長毛革命) made him proud. And he hopes “(HKtv + Umbrella) Revolution ( 香港電視 + 雨傘 ) 革命“ will help document more pages of Hong Kong histories and be interesting to watch.

The first post in this blog is to thank all the funders who have offered financial help to make a better film.


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