Director’s Statement – HKtv Revolution

HKtv Revolution 香港電視革命 (full-length 2015)

HKtv Revolution

香港電視革命 (Chinese title)

Director’s Statement (version 2.0)

HKTV protest at Civic Square Government HQ (Photo Credit: Kempton Lam)
HKTV protest at Civic Square Government HQ (Photo Credit: Kempton Lam)

A lawmaker highlighted the core HKTV issues in the chamber of Legislative Council of Hong Kong this way,

“Does watching TV constitute a basic human right? Legally speaking, it is hard to justify. But why did the government’s decision on this particular free-to-air license cause such an uproar from citizens? Because it completely destroyed the core values held by Hong Kong citizens! What are these core values? An open and transparent process, a level playing field, procedural justice and the rule of law.”

Two years ago in October 2013, I shot the first footage for HKtv Revolution (IMDb) and conducted the first interview without thinking the HKTV issues could drag on for years and some of these materials would one day be used in a feature-length documentary. But the real world is sometimes stranger than fiction.

As of the writing of this director’s statement, a High Court judge has “quashed the decision of the Chief Executive in Council in refusing to approve HKTV’s free TV licence application and remit it back to Chief Executive in Council for reconsideration.” (full court judgement in English) But the CY Leung government is appealing HKTV’s judicial review victory and dragging the case out for potentially more years to come. Ignoring the views of the 120,000+ citizens protesting on the street in support of HKTV. And also tarnishing Hong Kong well-known image as a business friendly city. In this topsy turvy world, turning something as simple as people’s desire to watch some new and good TV shows into a full-blown business and political crisis.

Finally, I hadn’t imagined a 10-year gap after my debut documentary (“Long Hair Revolution”) in 2005. Life is full of surprise and I am happy to fill this gap by completing two documentaries in 2015. Because of how the events happened, HKtv Revolution is the film that inspired me to make my third documentary (“Umbrella Revolution: History as Mirror Reflection”) back-to-back.

Kempton Lam
Calgary, Canada
October 2015

Director of “Revolution Trilogy” (革命三部曲)
2005 Long Hair Revolution 長毛革命 (watch online)
2015 HKtv Revolution 香港電視革命 (watch online)
2015 Umbrella Revolution: History as Mirror Reflection 雨傘革命實錄:以史為鏡

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