Making of “100+ Thanks“ 「百多謝」製作花絮

Until I can thank you in person

How can I say my heartfelt thanks to my films’ awesome crowdfunders (named and anonymous ones) plus the 100+ content creators for Umbrella Revolution? With luck, I hope to say my thanks in person face to face during a film festival movie screening. Until then, I’ve tried my best to make the “credit roll” and “thank you” interesting and nice to watch. And honestly the credit section is one of the segment that move me very much as it reminds me the vast number of people that make this film possible. And indirectly remind me that Umbrella Revolution happened because of tens of thousands of HongKongers.

(7+1) hours

Here is a trivia you may not realize. The full 122 minutes film took the computer about 8 hours to compile. To break things down, it took 7 hours to process the first ~118 minutes of the film, and then one full hour to process the last ~4 minutes!

Song & Animation

Have a watch of the credit roll. I hope you enjoy the song & animation as much as I do and can feel my heartfelt thanks.

Umbrella Revolution film credits – “100+ Thanks“ 「百多謝」 


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