Recharge and restart

After taking a short break to recharge myself by reading A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life by Brian Grazer (the famous producer of A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Splash, 24), I feel ready to take a fresh look at the second part of our documentary Umbrella Revolution. I always know that Umbrella Revolution will be harder to make. While I have some great footage  and photos, but they are not enough to sustain a feature-length documentary. Sure, there are many great footage and some shocking footage out there, I feel I don’t have enough of a comprehensive view to use some of them unless I have more angles, etc.

By the way, as a short film with necessary many parts of the events NOT covered, I don’t feel I can call our film Umbrella Revolution so I’ve started brainstorming better names for our short documentary.

NOTE: While I’ve spent days (a lot of hours) setting the awesome giant painting by Cuson to music, given the film is a short film, I will unlikely be able to include it in the film as  it is. I really like it very much so it would have been an item that I love enough to have included in a bonus “delete” item in a DVD.

Umbrella Revolution art (雨傘上河圖) & song (ver 2.0)


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