Thank you funders! HKtv Revolution – our first film is born!

20150529 HKtv Revolution - Screen Capture of new born film title
20150529 HKtv Revolution – Screen Capture of new born film title

Dear funders, our film HKtv Revolution was born at 1:24pm May 29th, 2015 . And it measures a healthy 1 hour 9 minutes and 19 seconds long. It took me on and off 19 months to finish the film since the faithful days when I took my camera to shoot some footage in October 2013. Our film has been submitted to two film festivals for their consideration and I will keep you all posted if I hear any good news.

Your support have been much appreciated, the following are film credits with your names in the style as you previously indicated and you will see them nicely displayed at the end of the film along with some bonus footage. – Many thanks, Kempton

======= Film Credits =======

Associate Producer

S. Lam

Founding Film Sponsors

Gwen Cham, Cher Chen, Aileen Kwan, Terry Kwok, S. Lam,

Miranda Li-Ng, Teresa Tsang, Desmond Wong

Crowd funded by

Adrian Shum, Ady Lee, Angus Kwong, Anonymous (x7), Brian F. Singh, chantelleyywong,

Chris Ward, Christine Ling, Conita Chan, Cynthia Chen, Dickens Lum, Echo Chow,

Eric Simon, hkma81, jlambie, Joe Curic, Joseph Stone, Jung-a Chang, Leili P.,

Maria Quiban, Miranda K., Murvin Lai, purplesmist, Robert Redl, S. Lam,

shiratama, Stella Lee, Terence Yung, Tony McEwing, viennapeace, Yu Kwok Leung



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