Film Festivals submission & your PayPal contributions

Documentary updates: May 8th, 2015 for (HKtv + Umbrella) Revolution ( 香港電視+雨傘)革命
1) Yes to CIFF submission!! Working hard on trying to submit “HKtv Revolution 香港電視革命” to Calgary International Film Festival (deadline June 1st, extended dateline June 15th). I LOVE CIFF as my debut doc “Long Hair Revolution” was screened at the 2005 CIFF which lead to its inclusion to the Canadian national archive in 2009!
Of course, Acceptance is NEVER sure but I will try my best to create a good enough film. Wish me lots and lots of luck!

2) A “maybe” to VIFF submission. Entry fee is C$40, C$50, or 60 for the various submission dates with the early deadline being May 29th.

3) Likely a “No” to TIFF submission (PDF). 😦 Currently, I don’t plan to submit to Toronto International Film Festival (extended dateline May 29) because of the more expensive fee for late submission C$155 and the expected fierce competition to get in. Why spend the money C$155 and effort if will likely be a no?

4) Other film fest: There are many film festivals around the world and submitting to them are relatively “easy” (once the main form is filled, just by clicking a few more buttons online) but can be quite expensive for each one and these costs add up! Will see what other festivals I will try to submit the film to.

5) PayPal Contributions: Of course, I’m still taking and appreciate additional contributions to PayPal account <KemptonLam (the @ symbol)> to help make the films and cover film festivals submissions cost. Special thanks to Miranda K. for her recent PayPal contribution to my films! Every contribution help.


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