Many Umbrella Revolution documentaries and I am not “worried”

I expect there will be many documentaries made about Umbrella Revolution (UR) and I’m not “worried”. In fact, it is a good thing to see many documentaries made about UR because it is important and we need more perspectives and eyes on UR. Different documentary filmmakers will see and choose to tell different stories through their creative minds. Now we work with very limited resources here but I’ve promised to make the best film I can. And I will try my best to make as good a film I can given the limited resources and time we have. Will see.

In the mean time, I welcome different documentary filmmakers’ takes and I’m going to share a few particularly good ones I’ve seen so far here with you.

1a) VICE News is making a piece about Umbrella Revolution. Worth watching the trailer and checking out the video when it is out. [HT @Warmwaterfrog for sharing]

(1b) The short documentary series “Clearing Mong Kok” (16:17) (part 3/3) by freelance videographer Nathan Mauger is just breathtakingly awesome! Highly recommended. [HT Kam for sharing]

The above is third (3/3) in a series about the clashes in Mong Kok during Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement. The following are part 1 & 2.

20 Meters in Mong Kok (05:22)

The Battle for Mong Kok (05:23)

Note: VICE Network is one of the new media companies that gets a lot of my respect. In 2013 at Banff, I had the pleasure of meeting VICE co-founders Suroosh Alvi & Shane Smith. And interviewing Shane Smith was a cool experience. Imagine they started VICE, originally a punk magazine, out of Montreal, Canada! #GoCanadaGo


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