40+ Windows and Doors Opened

This is Mongkok@革命中的廿四小時
This is Mongkok@革命中的廿四小時

My 2005 documentary “Long Hair Revolution (長毛革命)”, to me, has played an important in opening some windows and doors over the years. I’m happy to report a few days ago I’ve received copyright permissions to potentially use any or all 40+ songs from 革命中的廿四小時! So 40+ windows and doors have now been opened for me to explore creatively to try to better tell the stories of (HKtv+Umbrella) Revolution (香港電視+雨傘)革命!

I am still going through the long list of songs and may decide to use fragments of a bunch of songs. For now, I just want to say I like/love “08 This is Mongkok@革命中的廿四小時” by 旺角街坊Melissa very much. Melissa has a very sweet voice and the lyrics are very meaningful and evocative in telling a bit of the Mongkok story.

P.S. A few general comments about music. A dear friend of mine is an expert soprano singer in her youth and she is disliking some of the music I like/love. I see her point that some of the singing may be off-key or not “professional” enough for her taste (plus some songs have the f-word) but all these factors are emblematic of the raw feelings of Umbrella Revolution!

For example, imagine some of these songs were re-recorded and sang in a professional studio and then highly produced and tuned/”fixed”/”modified” word-by-word using tools like Avid Pro Tools, which would be a disaster to me! You might as well kill the spirit of these songs and suck all the blood out of their veins!


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