Thank You Documentary Funders

Thank you funders

Dec 18th, 2014 4:26 MT Update: Now that the Indiegogo Campaign is closed, you can still fund the filmmakers via Director Kempton’s PayPal account which is simply
(like how you type an email)
See bottom of this message for a list of post-Indiegogo new funders.

A message to thank all funders

With our Indiegogo documentary crowdfunding campaign ended a few hours ago on December 14, 2014 (11:59pm PT), director Kempton Lam wants to take a moment to thank all the financial supporters of (HKtv+Umbrella) Revolution (香港電視+雨傘)革命!

The funds raised will allow Kempton to put more time to do the long list of required jobs of director, producer, editor, researcher, copyright clearance, translator, subtitler, motion graphics designer, and more! Hopefully finishing the film earlier than if he had not received the raised funds. Given the limited funds we raised, Kempton will spend the funds wisely. Kempton won’t be able to hire music help but Kempton will try to find if some volunteer help is available to help add some music score to the film. This may be difficult but Kempton will try.

Kempton made his debut documentary Long Hair Revolution (長毛革命) in 2004/2005 and it has taken him 10 years to make his second film. By “luck”, the 10 years wait has allowed him to come across these two topics that are truly worthy to be named “Revolutions”.

As promised, everyone supporting at Level 2 C$11 or above will have YOUR NAMEs appear at the end of film “Crowd funded” by credit. Together with the film, we signing our names on the of filmic (film version of) “Lennon Wall Hong Kong” and be a part of Umbrella Revolution. See below for the current list of funders.

I plan to post more updates on this blog as it allows me to present the information (provide useful links, informative photos, videos, etc) in a more pleasing manner. I will then share links to these updates to the film’s official Facebook page HKtvUmbrellaRevolution. so everyone can simply check the Facebook page for latest information.

Many thanks for your financial support! You rock!
Kempton Lam
Director/Producer of (HKtv+Umbrella)Revolution (香港電視+雨傘)革命
Note: If you missed the original crowdfunding deadline but want to contribute under the same campaign terms, then please send Kempton a message using the following address indicating how much you like to contribute and we will figure out a way to help you help us: HKtvUmbrellaRevolution <“at” symbol thing> gmail <dot> com

======= Film Credits =======

Associate Producer

S. Lam

Founding Contributors

Aileen, Cher, Desmond & Teresa, Gwen, Miranda, S., Terry

Crowd Funded by

Adrian Shum, Ady Lee, Angus Kwong, Anonymous (x7), Brian F. Singh, chantelleyywong, Chris Ward, Christine Ling, Conita Chan, Cynthia Chen, Dickens Lum, Echo Chow, Eric Simon, hkma81, jlambie, Joe Curic, Joseph Stone, Jung-a Chang, Leili P., Maria Quiban, Miranda K., Murvin Lai, purplesmist, Robert Redl, S. Lam, shiratama, Stella Lee, Terence Yung, Tony McEwing, viennapeace, Yu Kwok Leung


Director/Producer Kempton Lam’s debut documentary Long Hair Revolution (長毛革命) (imdb) was screened at Calgary International Film Festival in 2005. And in 2009, Long Hair Revolution was added to Canadian federal government’s “Library and Archives Canada” permanent collection in Ottawa.

Kempton originally started making his second documentary (then titled) “HKtv Revolution 香港電視革命” in October 2013. But when Umbrella Revolution happened in Hong Kong in September 2014, Kempton felt he had to expand his film to include the events of “Umbrella Revolution 雨傘革命”, so he expanded the film and changed its name to “(HKtv+Umbrella) Revolution (香港電視+雨傘)革命”.

As of December 15, 2014, Kempton suspects he now has enough materials to make “HKtv Revolution 香港電視革命” as an stand-alone film (85% sure). And the many unexpected turns of events in “Umbrella Revolution 雨傘革命” have also given Kempton some hope that “Umbrella Revolution 雨傘革命” may also turn into a stand-alone documentary as well.

Funders of the film may now get the bonus of appearing in the credits of TWO films! For sure one film, may be TWO films! We will see about that.

Dec 18th, 2014 4:26 MT Update: Now that the Indiegogo Campaign is closed, you can still fund the filmmakers via Director Kempton’s PayPal account < KemptonLam (that @ symbol)>. The following are names of new crowd funders added to the above funders list (with the date they were added).

Brian F. Singh (Dec 18th), Stella Lee (Dec 18th)

April 22nd, 2015 Update:  The following is the name of a new crowd funder added to the above funders list.

Miranda K. (April 2015)


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