Non-interference in the past and beeping comments now

Non-interference in the past

When Kempton made his debut documentaryLong Hair Revolution (長毛革命) in 2004/2005, he knew next to nothing about filmmaking. Kempton tried to be as neutral an observer as possible. He avoided doing anything that may be perceived as “helping” Mr. Leung Kwok Hung (Long Hair) in anyway with his protest. In one scene that he still remembers, Long Hair had to buy some boat tickets so he could go to Macau for a protest. He wanted to borrow HK$100 or something from me at the ticket counter in front of a large group of reporters and camera. I had the money but I hesitated as I could not see myself becoming an active part of the protests. Sure, if I had helped Long Hair to go to Macau, I know for sure I would get some great footage and I’m sure Long Hair will pay me back (it was a loan) but I set my standard of non-interference very high.

Beeping comments now

Now in 2014, Kempton has decidedly abandoned his non-interference. Kempton was “involved” in HKtv Revolution in his own way as you will see in the film. And because Umbrella Revolution is a Revolution that is near fully digital, it is much easier for Kempton to get involved even from thousands of miles away. Sometimes it is a Facebook message of loving care of a great photographer/videographer and sometimes it is an expression of sadness about an “once good” political party (WARNING: I used a lot of profanity in this comment). As I spent time writing and revising these comments, they helped me solidify my thinking and analysis. And they captured my feeling at that specific moment in time. I don’t know how I may (or may not use) use my comments in my film, I now have these comments captured along with my massive amount of crowdsourced digital assets. I will need to think of a way to organize these resources and think about how best to shape “Umbrella Revolution”


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