Documentary Trilogy

Why doc is trilogy? A frame from 當周庭拘捕梁國雄(下回正解及番外篇) According to director Kempton Lam, his debut documentary Long Hair Revolution (長毛革命) in 2004/2005 and (HKtv+Umbrella) Revolution (香港電視+雨傘)革命 make a trilogy. And one of the clear sign to him was the above YouTube frame. The t-shirt Mr.杜震豪 wore had the Chinese calligraphy by Mr. Leung Kwok Hung (Long Hair). The young generation likeMr.杜震豪 is precisely the generation Kempton thought would most shaped by Long Hair’s style of no non-sense politics. By the way, Kempton calls the documentaries a “Trilogy” but he still has to work really hard to make them a “good” trilogy to watch! 🙂 Here are the two “Right to Silence” videos, for the record. 當周庭拘捕梁國雄(上回)



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